Postdoc Positions at Iowa State

Postdoctoral Scholars (commonly referred to as postdocs) hold doctoral degrees and are pursuing research and/or scholarly training for careers in the public or private sectors.  Research is the primary activity of postdocs, and scholarly publications are the main tangible outcomes.  Faculty supervisors mentor postdocs by assisting them with career development and the attainment of research skills.  Postdoc appointments are temporary, must be at least half-time, and cannot exceed five years. 

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About Iowa State

Iowa State University is a public, land-grant university, where students get a great academic start in learning communities and stay active in 800-plus student organizations, undergrad research, internships and study abroad. They learn from world-class scholars who are tackling some of the world's biggest challenges -- feeding the hungry, finding alternative fuels and advancing manufacturing.

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    According to the City of Ames website, the small town charm of Ames, Iowa, beats the heart of a much larger city. With a population of over 62,000, Ames offers cultural, recreational, educational, business, and entertainment amenities more common in bigger metros. Home to Iowa State University, Ames not only educates students from around the globe, but has become a player in developing the world's bio-economic future.

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